Translation to Slovenian for the Movie 'Momo'


Subtitles for the great Movie...

This is so… Sometimes we have a very long way to go. Such an awfully long way that I don't think we'll be able to. Yes, we think so and then we start rushing and rushing .. Despite the rush, the path is never shorter and you persevere and persevere until fear catches you and you exhale. Don’t think all the way at once, always strive to follow your next steps along the lines of ‘Breath, step, distance’. ‘Breath, step, distance’. Then it's easier for you. Then you do your job well. And so it is supposed to be. This is important until you notice that you have already walked the whole way.

Ende’s fantastic fairy tale novel is a world hit and a cult book of many generations.

Ende participated in the shooting of the 1986 staged fantasy film directed by Johannes Schaaf, based on the 1973 novel Momo. For some connoisseurs: 'THE TRUTH in one movie'