The HP-2133 Mini Netbook with Linux for toda'y use ...

 I was wondering what to do with this laptop in the future. Should I sell it at a symbolic price or could it come in handy? After careful consideration...I decided to use it as a mail client for my needs. This computer is small, takes up little space and consumes little power.

 The question was also, which system to load on such a weak processor like Intel Atom and with only 512 MB of memory. After the first unsuccessful experiments, I decided on the proven Puppy Linux Bionic32, which behaves with distinction on an already outdated computer. I had also XP in mind, but the XP system is already quite outdated for a secure connection, so the only solution that came to mind was the Puppy Linux system.

You can see from the pictures that the system works and is very responsive for such a weak computer. Interesting that there are today such solutions... Linux is great.