I'am a Enthusiast born and living, 1970, in Slovenia ... My path trough Visual Art and my Project's are my lifestyle.

 ...i have been involved in computer science as a hobby for more than thirty years, and in recent years i'am also a kind of artist, as I also produce computer images. The paintings are of the imaginary or realistic genre, 
and I also make them to order, for example for book covers. What leads me to this kind of art? Definitely a love of artistic creation, creative outpourings and inspiration that I draw from nature and the universe. Nature
and the universe have always been an element of metaphysical wonder to me.

I am especially inspired by human involvement in the micro and macrocosm. Each of my paintings is therefore unique, as the original version is not repeated.
With artistic Greetings, Marjan Mencin aka Entuzio