Silent Walk

Silent Walk


A Neo-Classical nature ambient picture. If you like it, you can buy it from ym Shop.

Price: 5$ , Resolution: 2128*3200




...from two Worlds


 Puppy Linux and Toshiba Satellite with 4GB-Ram on one Core 1.5 GHz AMD CPU. The system is not machine demanding and the work is smooth. I like it, fast enough for browsing, email, notes etc. Puppy Linux, started by Barry Kauler, is a small, fully featured Linux distribution. Puppy works swiftly on older systems and is a delight on modern computers including netbooks and ThinPCs. Puppy boots to a familiar environment for ex-Windows users. Puppy is regularly updated and is well supported and documented.



I'am a Enthusiast born and living, 1970, in Slovenia ... My path trough Visual Art and my Project's are my lifestyle.

 ...i have been involved in computer science as a hobby for more than thirty years, and in recent years i'am also a kind of artist, as I also produce computer images. The paintings are of the imaginary or realistic genre, 
and I also make them to order, for example for book covers. What leads me to this kind of art? Definitely a love of artistic creation, creative outpourings and inspiration that I draw from nature and the universe. Nature
and the universe have always been an element of metaphysical wonder to me.

I am especially inspired by human involvement in the micro and macrocosm. Each of my paintings is therefore unique, as the original version is not repeated.
With artistic Greetings, Marjan Mencin aka Entuzio

Translation to Slovenian for the Movie 'Momo'


Subtitles for the great Movie...

This is so… Sometimes we have a very long way to go. Such an awfully long way that I don't think we'll be able to. Yes, we think so and then we start rushing and rushing .. Despite the rush, the path is never shorter and you persevere and persevere until fear catches you and you exhale. Don’t think all the way at once, always strive to follow your next steps along the lines of ‘Breath, step, distance’. ‘Breath, step, distance’. Then it's easier for you. Then you do your job well. And so it is supposed to be. This is important until you notice that you have already walked the whole way.

Ende’s fantastic fairy tale novel is a world hit and a cult book of many generations.

Ende participated in the shooting of the 1986 staged fantasy film directed by Johannes Schaaf, based on the 1973 novel Momo. For some connoisseurs: 'THE TRUTH in one movie'




 The Path to Freedom

 When curiosity turned to heaven, the ignorance of change spread through the wilderness of the earth. Curiosity deepened and raises awareness, sometimes to other forms. The birth of new works caused new curiosity. Consciousness became a new truth. they knowledge opened the way to a new insight into the new science. The time will recognize the path of natural evolution and respect for the life of all kinds, respect for everything in existence.

 Life, as the greatest art and winner.

Darwin and the insight of evolution ... according to the science of cold, natural entropy and evolution, as the child of the 'Knowledge', and the wisdom of her natural laws and her work ..  

 Living on earth is the pearl of the structure of natural laws. 




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by Marjan Mencin






 I admit it. Computing used to be a lot more fun than it is today. It was simple. The spirit of Pioneering carried its charge, a path of learning, cognition, and openness that disappeared in the mass of consumerism. It was like a book to be read and everyone fell in love with it. It looks like there is no more real breath or drive, interest has been her guide. Today, we can at least slightly ‘awaken’ the pioneering spirit of her character with software that mimics old computers and systems. The exoticism of the selection of the latter is more varied than new releases or upgrades of current operating systems.      





Simulation - the apparent Sky above us

 The wonderful world of aviation and the magic of the world of airports is a special paradise on earth for many aviators. Flight simulators are an amazing piece of software that provide almost amazing virtual flight capabilities. The latter also causes a lot of late nights and spending money on better hardware.  





GBE GFA-Basic environment    

 My first programm was a BASIC  programm written in 1983. In 1985 i aquire a Atari 130XE and wrote some programms in TurboBasic from Frank Ostrowski. The next step was a uninteresting PC-AT before the Atari ST with GFA BASIC. After that a Amiga 600 for few month's and at the end the mighty Atari Falcon with GFA-BASIC 3.6. ​  Today i use the modern GBE from Lonny Pursell on Hatari and Aranym.