My new contribution

New Abstract Fractal Art Pictures, price 5 Euro per each. 

















Template Graphic grid for Sprites

Template Graphic grid for Sprite's in TGA-format. The Sprite can be minimum 8*8 in pixel.

 My first programm was a BASIC programm written in 1983. In 1985 i aquire a Atari 130XE and wrote some programms in TurboBasic from Frank Ostrowski. The next step was a uninteresting PC-AT before the Atari ST with GFA BASIC. After that a Amiga 600 for few month's and at the end the mighty Atari Falcon with GFA-BASIC 3.6.

 Today i use the modern GBE from Lonny Pursell on Hatari and Aranym.


My latest Repaint of an Aircraft

I was contacted by a customer with a desire to repaint him a Cessna 210p, pressurized, register N628BT. It is a repaint for the FS2004 (FS9) Simulation.


Atari Desktop Background's

Some time ago i made some wallpaper's with Atari logo on it. There will come more ... Some pictures are very big. You must resize them for you need. The easyst way to convert images for your Atari is to convert them from TGA (now JPG) to IMG with SMURF.



Ergonomics of desks. From pencil to computer in simple language to health preservation.



Ergonomics equation

... is in a simple mode of use without unnecessary redundancy, as a difference of the latter written -Source Wikipedia describes ergonomics, as the knowledge and understanding of systems to achieve the intended goal of benefits. Every science! then it penetrates into the setting of perceptions, cognitions, recognition of patterns and the functioning of the processes presented, if necessary, which, despite the unnaturalness, try to ensure and maintain health in a monotonous way. This is ignorance of the essence of health and the basic foundations.



The room should be airy and bright. Provide airiness without air conditioning and electronic humidifiers if possible. The natural climate is much more pleasant. Ensure the pleasant smells of the room with clean air and natural fragrances. Artificial fragrances eventually cause respiratory reflection - resulting in dysfunction and, unnecessarily, the possibility of a chronic problem. It’s similar with cleaners. Maybe salt or natural disinfectants. The light of the room should be natural in a similar color as sunlight. The sonority can be enriched with silence or natural voices. All the primordial voices and sounds from nature are usually also the most beneficial. Plants, wood, stones, crystals are very much brought into the space. Animals combine pleasant coexistence ...


 The computer is a gadget, a child of mathematics that can become a tool for understanding and learning. Multimedia content and games, unless it is your professionalism, should not invade your privacy. The movement should be a Guide. Every now and then, bend over, walk, exercise, and so on. Consuming various addictive substances is very irresponsible to oneself and others, which in itself reduces creativity and success. Every breath you take from your body is inhibiting life processes. With an active approach to health, success and satisfaction are guaranteed. The poisoned body needs resp. from a person a few months or years to recover or. clean up. The body of a healthy person is restored at the age of 7. Moderate coffee, cocoa, teas, fruit drinks, water and snacking ala 'student food' is welcome at the desk ...