GFA-BASIC environment with GBE

My first programm was a BASIC  programm written in 1983. In 1985 i aquire a Atari 130XE and wrote some programms in TurboBasic from Frank Ostrowski. The next step was a uninteresting PC-AT before the Atari ST with GFA BASIC.  After that a Amiga 600 for few month's and at the end the mighty Atari Falcon with GFA-BASIC 3.6.

‚Äč Today i use the modern GBE from Lonny Pursell on Hatari and Aranym.




DESIGN from the Past - GBE in action ... 'the beginning'





Games Development

Some *.LST routines to making Game Development easier. From reading the joystick port's to full diagnostic of the system like screen, OS, RAM etc to variouse image loader's etc.


(not yet inplemented)


(work in progress)

Diagnostic Kit

(work in progress)

Image file loader

(work in progress)


Template Graphic grid for Sprite's in TGA-format. The Sprite can be minimum 8*8  in pixel.

  GFA related stuff from Paradize and other's




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